Kids Walkie Talkie Watch CT-W9


Product Description

1.1.5 inch touch screen, resolution : 128*128

2.CPU : GPL32670

3.Exterior : Plastic   

4.Strap : Silicone

5.Internal Memory : 128MB

6.External Memory:  Support Micro SD card, up to 32GB

7.Camera: 0.3MP

8.Photo Resolution : 640x480

9.Video Resolution : 320x240 or 160x120 pixel @ 15fps

10.Can be up to 2.0 MP  (Photo Resolution: 1600x1200)

11.File Format : Photos JPEG,  Video : AVI  

12.Build in Speaker

13.Battery : Li Polymer 400mAh

14.Support upload photos and videos

15.Each set incl : Wowatch x 1, USB cableX1, Manual x 1. 


1.Photos : 15 magic icons on screen + 3 filters and preview photo effects with webcam 90°rotation

2.Videos : 15 Magic icons on screen + 3 filters and preview video effects

3.Voice Recorder

4.Build-in games : Whac-A-Mole, Memory Test, Percussion

5.Alarm : 5 different ringtones and animations

6.Timer : 5 different animations 

7.Stopwatch 5 different animations

8.Clock Face : 10 analog time and 10 digital time

9.Learning time : Help kids to learn time in English

10.themes : 7 magic themes for boys and girls

11.A talking Hippo:voice distorted and then repeat what you said. Up to 10 seconds.

Touch hippo's head, hands, tummy etc, it will give different expression and movement. 

12.Walkie talkie functions,Support 200M in ipen area.