16 Bit games

More than 200 non-infringement games, have our own patents. Customers can also combine different game lists according to their own needs.

1Tennis 56Hare Fighter 111Learning Clothes 166Crazy Push 
2Golf57Jumping Mary112 Learning Sports 167Motocross 
3Baseball58Robot War 113 Learning Vegetables 168Dodgeball
4Table Tennis59West Cowboy 114Learning Body 169Beach Volleyball
5Bowling60Balloon Boy115Learning Toys 170Flag Match 
6Darts61Crazy Fighter116 Learning Family 171Japanese Sumo
7Basketball62Jumping Boy117Learning Occupation 172Tanks PK
8Boxing63Rescue Pets118 Learning Transportation 173Piggy Golf
9Trampoline64Crossing119 Learning School174Horse Racing 
10Fishing 65Climbing Expert120Learning Stationery 175Balance Ball 
11Ice Hockey66Jack Adventure121100 Floor176Balloon Archer
12Curling67Seize Jewelry122Sub Warfare177Benthal Jewel
13City Battle68Greedy Girl 123Bubble Destroyer178Linking Pet
14Crazy Moto 69Spring Mice124Balloon Shooting179Homeward Journey
15Run70Rope Skipping125Up Stairs180Find Fault
16Fencing71Pool Party126Maze Combination181Pair Match
17Swim72Elvish Boy127Precipice182Brick Blaster
18Racing 73Star War128Monkeys 183Minibee
19Mini Fighter74Save The Fallen129Happy Night184Cartoon Match
20Shudu75Hell Marksman130Bumper Balls18530 Degree 
21Move Box76Anti Gravity Robo131Castle Smasher186Paopao
22Color Stone77Airborne Alien132Escape The Trap187Diamond Forest
23Freecell78Gliding Apple Girl133Spin Match 188Color Bead Loops
24Gobang79Jumping Ball134Herculean Guy189Magnet Boy 
25Mine80Mad Ball135Cartoon Puzzle190Cake Party
26Parking Lot 81Crazy Tank136Gold Miner191Super Porter
27Dogs82Glide Object 137Jumping Eggs 192Paper Planes
28Rolling Box83Dudu Rush138X Training193Palace Guardian
29Big Shot Checker84Earth Shaker 139Super Pizza 194IQ Cow
30Sea Fight85Fly Through Flowers 140Eat Bean195Throw The Coins
31Build Road86Full Moon Night141Block Construction 196Air Defense
32Puzzle Connection87Monkey Brothers142Fruit Family 197Bubble Shooter
33Transmover88Super Memory143Wonderful Pompon198Colorful Box
34Pocket Change89Black Jack144Nimble Stone199Fish Killer
35Brain Challenge90Gather Eggs145Bombman 200Pinball
36Shape Switcher91Cups Changing146Suicide Squad201Polar Bear
37Maze Of Doors92Slot Machine147Overmaze 202Color Stone Loops 
38Super Brick93Beer Master148Four Boxes203Find the Shape 
39Panda Labyrinth94Follow Me149Find The Largest Number204Colors 
40Chess95On Fire150 Uppercase Letters 205Find The Differences 
41Link Water Pipe96Good Fisherman151Number Sequence206Sound 
42Classic Tangram97Open Gold Box152Lowercase Letters 207What Goes Together 
43Silversphere98Gas Station153 Numbers208Learning Rhythm 
44Bomb Chain Unlimited99Cake Store 154Missing Letters209 Learning Time 
45Seven100Brain Age Test155Find The Picture210Matching 
46Move Squares101Forest Adventure156 Find The Word 211Find The Law 
47Puzzle Ball102Pirate Landing157What Is The Most212Memory Test 
48Button Jumper103Cafeteria158Rally213Hide and Seek 
49Earn Stars104Water Rescue159GT Racing214Which One Is Redundant
50Fill Gad Cylinders105Heroboy160Highway Racing215 Find The Other Part 
51Funny Face106Tower Defense 161Track Racing 216Find The Figure 
52Happy Smile107Icecream162Motorboat217Tangram 
53Pass Maze Road108 Learning Fruits 163Mini Soccer218 Divide Cookies Evenly
54Return Capsule109Learning Food 164Table Football219Find The Most Heavy
55Telescope Pole110Learning Animals 165Archery220Percussion