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BSCI Certification for Electronic Toy Manufacturers

Generally speaking, many foreign customers will review or evaluate the factory according to certain standards before placing an order, so as to judge the strength of this factory. This process is also called factory inspection. However, the factory inspection includes many items, such as BSCI, Sedex, ICTI, ISO9000, GSV, FCC, Wal-Mart, Disney, etc. In so many factory inspections, we will first talk to you about the BSCI factory inspection content of electronic toy manufacturers to see what important role this factory inspection has on orders and customers.

Factory inspection is also called factory audit, commonly known as factory inspection. Factory inspections are generally divided into human rights factory inspections, quality factory inspections and counter-terrorism factory inspections.

Of course, there are integrated inspections such as human rights counter-terrorism two-in-one and human rights counter-terrorism three-in-one quality inspections.

For example, BSCI and ICTI belong to human rights factory inspection. The customers mainly audit the factory’s labor rights, working conditions and environmental protection. Like ISO9000, FCC is a quality inspection factory, which mainly refers to the customer’s evaluation of the factory’s production capacity, indicating that it has a certain ability to continuously and stably meet the customer’s requirements and meet the requirements of regulations. GSV, on the other hand, is a factory inspection prevention, which is a set of safety control procedures to ensure the safety of export goods transportation and use through the factory itself.

BSCI factory Audit, which advocates for businesses to comply with the social responsibility organization BSCI’s CSR audits of its members’ global suppliers. These include: compliance with laws, the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, prohibition of discrimination, compensation, working hours and prohibition of child Labour. It is recognized by 1,300 members of European brands and retailers such as LIDL, ALDI, COOP, ESPRIT, METRO GROUP, HEMA, ICA, etc.
Our factory passed a BSCI inspection before, and was very lucky to participate in the whole process. The customer at that time was Lidi, a large German commercial supermarket, which had a high requirement for products and had to pass BSCI factory inspection. Our factory has more than 10 years of production experience and has done a good job in employee management and social responsibility. Finally, through two times of inspection and audit, our factory finally passed the BSCI factory inspection certification.

The main testing content of BSCI factory inspection can be divided into two parts, namely social responsibility and moral responsibility. The main detection contents are shown in the figure:

Social responsibility mainly includes the following seven aspects:

  1. Fire fighting equipment. It is necessary to check whether the fire equipment in the factory is complete and properly placed, check whether the fire extinguisher and water pipe are checked every month, and make records. This way can effectively ensure the safety of the factory, to ensure the safety of employees, to ensure the safety of the community.
  2. Are there signs for setting emergency exits, escape routes, emergency lights, and emergency evacuation plans, and are there regular escape training and safety awareness for training employees.
  3. Warning signs for production machines. Equipment with high risk factors, such as tin stoves, must be labeled with a high temperature to prevent unintentional injuries.
  4. Perfect exhaust system. It is mainly to discharge industrial waste gas and dust produced in the workshop to reduce the harm to workers’ health.
  5. Relevant health and safety measures. Every department and workshop must be equipped with medical kits and professional first responders. For example, employees working in the oil injection department must wear activated carbon masks and PPE (personal protective equipment). If chemical liquids are involved in the production process, a second container must be used to store the chemical products to avoid personal injury and environmental pollution caused by the dumping of chemical liquids.
  6. Maintenance and repair of the machine. Machines in special departments such as injection molding department and SMT department must be inspected and maintained to prevent malfunctions that could affect the safety of employees.
  7. MSDA (Material Safety Data Sheet) label. Every production workshop should be labeled with MSDS. It mainly includes chemical composition, use, hazards and first aid measures. The great effect is that when workers have an accident, they can clearly know the first aid knowledge and application measures, and minimize the harm to the human body in the first time.

Ethics policy

  1. No child Labour shall be employed.
  2. No underage workers shall be employed. If employed, special protection must be provided for this group. For example, instead of assigning them to work in high-risk sectors such as injection molding and oil spraying, the factory provides free annual medical examinations until they reach adulthood.
  3. Occupational health issues. For workers engaged in injection molding, fuel injection and welding, three physical examinations will be carried out, namely pre-employment physical examination, annual physical examination and pre-resignation physical examination.

BSCI inspection factory will not pass easily, they not only need to send personnel to carry out field investigation and assessment, but also need repeated testing, and the final audit. If there is a nonconformity in the above inspection process, the factory inspection will not pass. At the same time, BSCI also standardizes the safety system of the factory, so as to be truly responsible for the society and buyers.

The BSCI factory inspection process is so strict and careful, what benefits will it bring to buyers?

  • One BSCI certification can satisfy different guests,Reduce the second party audit of foreign customers to suppliers and save the cost of factory inspection.
  • Comply with relevant regulations of the buyer’s country to reduce unnecessary import restrictions.
  • The reputation of a factory is an important factor for its sustainable development in the industry.If a manufacturer does the best in social responsibility, then the reputation of the factory is trustworthy,is worthy of long-term cooperation.
  • The employee’s welfare and emotional needs are satisfied,Therefore, guaranteed the delivery time and the quality of the products.

For buyers, the main purpose of factory inspection can protect their company’s brand image, effectively assess the manufacturer’s comprehensive strength, and also save time and resources for field visits. In addition, it can effectively monitor the labor and quality of the contract factory, which is conducive to protecting and enhancing the value of the company’s brand; for the factory, the factory inspection can not only promote the cooperation of orders and enhance the credibility of the company, but also Promote the factory to upgrade the equipment and management system, and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.Therefore, it is not easy to find a strong, high-quality children’s electronic toy manufacturer with European certification.

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