There’ll always be an occasion to give and receive gifts, whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or someone’s birthday. For children, making these presents both fun and meaningful is the most important thing of all!

If you’re looking for that all-important gift but are struggling for inspiration, we’ve got an idea.

Cameras are wonderful devices that allow you to snap memories and keep them forever. Although just a hobby for many, with time and experience, it can become a talent. Children’s cameras are becoming increasingly popular, flying off Amazon’s shelves as soon as they’re restocked! Buying your youngsters this tool will allow them to see life differently – and, through a lens!

VTech, a global supplier of electronic learning products, is known as the industry benchmark. They’ve launched the latest model of children’s camera, ranking top of Amazon’s sales. It’s not only Amazon these cameras have taken over. Additionally, the Guangzhou toy exhibition, (known as the ‘bellwether’ of the toy industry’), has featured many children’s cameras this year.

It’s believed that children have a magical ability to see the world from an alternative perspective to us. The tool that allows them to enhance this beauty and share it with others is a camera. It lets them articulate their imagination and creative thoughts, which, at times, they can find hard to do.

The American Geographic magazine established the National Geographic Kids photography competition, specifically for children. It demonstrates just how talented they can be, once a camera is in their hands.

Take a look at the following. It’s the work of Pan Yin Zhi, a thirteen-year-old Chinese kid who was awarded first prize in the ‘Weird But True’ international group.

Credit: Image is from National Geographic.

The overall winner, however, was 11-year-old Dewi Baggerman from the Netherlands. Appreciate its beauty.

Credit: Image is from National Geographic.

Now we’ve seen just how cameras can support their artistic expressions, here are some recommendations for popular children’s cameras on the global market.

Number One:VTech – Anti-Fall Children’s Digital Machine

Meet the VTech children’s digital camera. It’s arguably the most popular among its kind, ranking first in sales volume on both Amazon and JD in China. It’s no surprise that it’s in high demand – listed below are its many desirable features.

  1. Easy to grasp and light weight
  1. Anti-fall
  1. Attractive appearance
  1. Two viewfinder windows and a large colour screen, 100% from the children’s perspective
  1. Having a double viewfinder solves problems children may face when operating the device. The screen is large enough to be looked at without a viewfinder, which makes it more convenient and easier to get to grips with.
  1. Strong simulation, based on the card machine function

There are five million cameras with high configuration, and two million lenses with low configuration.

  1. Easy to operate

This device is simple to use, but of course, the child is required to have some level of understanding ability. They’ll need to view taken photos, delete them, change the camera, add a filter, and so on. For younger children, some parental guidance is definitely recommended.

  1. The add-ons

This camera comes with some excellent additions, such as a wide range of photo effects and filters, sure to make photos interesting! To meet the child’s creative desire, you can even create your own effects. There are built-in games, too, which can reassuringly be controlled by parents. It can also record, so you can film your happiest moments together.

Number Two:Disney Children’s Camera

Credit: Image from Amazon Official; price is $49.65

This is Disney’s camera, and it’s extremely popular due to its appearance. It uses many classic cartoon characters from productions such as Frozen, Spider-Man, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is highly appealing.

Number Three:Fisher Price Children’s Digital Camera

Credit: Image from Mom and Dad Camp; price is $20.87

Fisher Price is a classic brand of children’s toys, and the popularity of this product is no exception. They have specially designed the Kid-Tough Digital Camera just for children. It’s not only anti-falling, (for clumsy kids, perhaps!), but also features two viewfinder lenses, rendering it easier to use. It also boasts 4x digital zoom, 1.7 TFT colour screen, 265 MB memory storage, an SD slot and more!

Number Four:Comicam Children’s Camera

Credit: Image from Amazon; price is $33.04

This device, (known in China as the chicken rainbow Dali), ranked top in the growing list of children’s cameras. It has a beautiful design, but also allows you to take photos directly from the paper. Shooting mode is split into real version and animation version. It’s also accompanied by DIY gadgets, sure to add an element of fun and excitement.

Number Five:Little Photographer – Children’s Interesting Camera

Credit: Image is from Internet; price is $38.84 (single camera)/ $47.68 (camera + 8G memory card)

We’ll introduce you to the Little Photographer camera. It has a 1.5-inch colour display, which is the perfect size. The brightness of colours have been adjusted, meaning less damage to your child’s vision. When fully charged, it has the ability to take up 3,000 photos in a row! It also has an external memory card, with one GB holding around 400 photos. If you’re looking for a camera to snap lots of special memories, this is ideal.

Children’s cameras, overall, should have several things – an attractive look, good safety and excellent efficiency. They must also have a dual camera, high pixel/video recording, games to enjoy and fun filters and effects. They should be long-lasting and easy to operate.

So, would you like to see a children’s camera that combines all of the above, but is also easier on the bank balance? If so, the following product may satisfy you…

The camera above boasts 8 mega pixels and a dual camera, which, like the VTech, it has the ability to take selfies and high-quality pictures. Its 2.4 inch colour display is perfect for children to use. Additionally, it’s joined by twenty-five 16-bit games, all of them joyful! It’s multilingual and has excellent videoing and audio functions. This product is private mold custom, a new model in the market. Its appearance is unique and interesting, fresh from products that’ve been seen before. It has an excellent level of function and configuration, but the key advantage is that it’s cheaper than all of the cameras listed above. For only $10-$20, its performance is fantastic.

After reading this article, we hope the importance of handing your child a camera is much clearer! In order to understand their ways of witnessing the world, it’s vital we allow them to express their creativity, and a camera is an ideal tool. The second half of the year is bound to be a peak period for a purchase of this type, and as a wholesaler of children’s electronic toys, we’d urge you to grasp this chance earlier. Hopefully, the recommendations above can help you make your choice!

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