You do not need numbers to appreciate the fact that the video game industry is on a rapid rise. Video game consoles are everywhere these days. A quick glance at the figures will absolutely blow your mind:

– 64% of the people in America are gamers.

– 66.3% of gamers in the world use physical gaming consoles.

– 60% of children in the US prefer gaming on consoles.

The figures show that more than half of the population in the US are gamers and that most of these gamers prefer using gaming consoles. The preference for gaming consoles are expected to grow even more as game developers continue to manufacture more console games.

Single Player Mini Consoles vs Two Player Mini Consoles.

Single player mini consoles are really cool. Some of them offer exceptional gaming at incredible speeds. However, why have one when you can have two? Two-player mini consoles are cooler and more fun than single player mini consoles.

This is mainly because you can engage your family and friends in friendly competition. For a single player console, you can only compete against yourself. It might be fun for a while but it will ultimately get boring. A two-player mini console will guarantee unlimited fun times for you, your family and your friends.

Imagine how much fun you can have with your elders, your cousins, and your mates. It will definitely lead to stronger bonds and relationships.

For the best experience, you need quality two-player gaming consoles. Two of the best spring into mind at this moment and they are [CT-881] and [CT-881X].

a. CT-881

This console features a 2.8-inch color screen. This screen is sure to give you incredible gaming experiences. It comes loaded with 183 pre-loaded games for your enjoyment. The console also supports a TF card which you can use to load unlimited games. You can use this site ( to load free games.

This console comes with two wired joysticks for an engaging gaming experience. The cables are long enough to ensure that you have enough freedom while playing. The console is powered by 3 AAA batteries that are designed to last a long time.

b. CT-881X

This particular console features a TFT 4.3-inch color screen for the most engaging gaming experience. It comes built-in with 72 games for your enjoyment. These games include popular sports, arcade and puzzle games.

This console supports most forms of double player games. To make gaming more enjoyable, the manufacturers made it with two wireless joysticks. The joysticks are powered by 2 batteries. This increases mobility and makes gaming more fun. It allows players to play with more freedom than with wired joysticks. Most gamers agree that wireless joysticks are more fun than wired ones.

The console also supports a TF card for loading in more games into the console. This means that you can play an unlimited amount of games using this console. You can also visit this to load free games for the console.

Mobility is a key issue when it comes to gaming consoles. Most consoles cannot be carried since they draw their power from sockets. However, this console is powered by 3 AA batteries ensuring that you can have fun from absolutely anywhere as long as you have your batteries. In addition, the console is designed to save battery power. This ensures that you spend as little money as possible on batteries.

Advantages of the Consoles.

These consoles have stand-out advantages which include:

1.High-quality consoles at an affordable price.

2.The consoles are manufactured using non-toxic material.

3.The material is also wear and shatter resistant.

4.OEM or ODM is welcome. We are an more than 10 years OEM or ODM manufacturer of mini game arcade and kid smart watch, this allows the manufacturers to design the consoles according to your preferences.


The rise in the demand for gaming has also been characterized by the rise in computer and smartphone gaming. However, this has not affected the demand for consoles and mini-consoles. Mini-consoles particularly favor the elders who relate more with the classic games offered by mini consoles. However, mini console games are fun for everyone who tries them. Mini consoles the best consoles for family bonding since mini consoles appeal to people of all ages.

The two player mini consoles are the best two player consoles that you can find. You can contact us, the suppliers of game player(these two machines) to provide you with additional information. They will answer all your questions and we have exceptional customer service. You can also visit game player of our website for more information.

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