There’s arguably never been a greater time to enjoy the older games you used to enjoy in your 80’s. The arcade games are making their way in the market but, in a way much smaller form. People now have the luxury to enjoy video games on their PC, modern game consoles and even their mobile phones. However, there is nothing more exciting than having a replica of the old arcade games. In 2019, it is safe to say that the idea of having your own handheld arcade game as opposed to having the real one is not far-fetched. You no longer have to worry about space, parts, maintenance, among other things.

This is one of the reasons why the mini retro arcade games have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Kids and adults now get to experience the old school graphics, buzzes, dings, and Arcade games in miniature sizes. Their charm is one of the reasons they are currently giving the of high-tech gadgets and gizmos a run for their money. One such product is the Cheertone’s CT-882 mini-retro arcade which is one our 2018-19 bestsellers. Our company is an OEM&ODM retro mini arcade supplier that offers a variety of products including kid camera, kid smart watch, mini arcade games and, double joystick arcade game.

CT-882 mini-retro arcade

Cheertone’s CT-882 mini-retro arcade can be termed as bullish. It is one of the Cheertone’s most selling products in 2018-19. Having participated in the 2019 Hong Kong toy fair, we noticed that a lot of dealers were interested in this product. The same case applies to online demand. Our company is not only taking orders from new customers. We are also getting orders from older customers who are making repeat orders.

The CT-882 mini-retro arcade is a best seller for several reasons:

– Good navigation between games.

– Built-in games with optimized settings

– Six comfortable buttons

– A bright and multi-colored LCD screen.

– A good durable design.

– A wide variety of games, including 200+ popular games in the interface

– Good audio features

Also, the CT882 series of gaming devices are quite affordable. They are around $6 to $20 per item, depending on the quantity. So if you want to sell or distribute these items then they are a great investment.

Now, let’s have a look at what each of device in the series has to offer.

The CT-882 line-up: CT882B, CT882X, and CT882T

game cosnole handheld


The first device in the series is the CT882B. This device is relatively cheap and has 8bit graphic features. It performs very well and offers 220 games. It also makes for a great gift to young children and retro fans despite its simplicity.


The second device is the CT882X, a 16bit console that is more advanced than the CT882B. It offers great picture quality and sound. It also offers 220 retro-style arcade games. Most important of all, however, is the fact that the CT882X is the right console for anyone who loves retro arcades and portable gaming.


Finally, we have the CT882T, which is an updated version of the CT882B. Like its predecessor it has 8 bit graphics, but it also offers 222 different games. Moreover, it also supports TF cards, which means that it can be used to download online games. So if you are interested in retro gaming consoles with online access then the CT882T is what you need.

Surely, there’s also Cheertone’s most selling products of double play arcade game CT-881, so keep in mind if you’re interested.

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