Have you remembered the good old days of gaming?

If you have all those memories, then there is a good news for you.

The good old days are back and now, you can play those retro games seamlessly.

Cheertone has brought a hand held gaming console to gift you the old retro games.

Our company is 14 year’s old gaming company. We have the experience and skill to make the perfect gaming consoles in the market.

Our company has been game controller supplier, game machine manufacturer, retro game console supplier and game player supplier.

Cheertone has made this gaming console to give you the joys of good old gaming. You can also gift this console to your kid to enjoy the classic world of gaming.

Why should you buy this gaming console?

In this modern world of 3D gaming, this classic gaming console may not be liked by you. But, there are some good reasons to buy this console.

1. Play Without Internet

You must have experienced difficulties in playing without the Internet. There are some places where Internet connection is poor. In a train or in a congested place, Internet fails. Then, you may have to stop playing and you will get bored.

But, this gaming console doesn’t require any Internet connection. As long as you have those batteries in it, you can play on it. You would be unstoppable. You can play your games any time, any where.

2. No Downloading

This gaming console is pre-loaded with 200 games. It will take months to finish all those games.

Without downloading perhaps there is hardly any game that you can play. Your smart phone, tab or your lap top require Internet to download new games.

But, with this gaming control you just don’t need any Internet connection to download any game. Just buy the console once and you are free to play 200 games.

3. Good Graphics

The games in this gaming console are made with good graphics. We are not saying that this console has the best graphics. But, the console can satisfy your eyes with good graphics.

The console is a 8 bit ( 200 games ) / 16 bit ( 220 games ) system with 2.5 inches of T.F.T screen.

4. Great Control

The CT- 883 console has a great control. If you compare your phone’s gaming control with this console, you will experience a far better gaming control on this console.

This console has buttons to attack and to control your players. It’s just super easy to play on this console and you will be really satisfied to play on this.

5. Experience A Different world OF Gaming

This console with all those retro gaming will take you to a different world of gaming.

You have no idea how much fun is there!

A world full of games. You will have action games, puzzle games, table games, venture games, sports, relaxing games and much more.

You will be addicted and hooked to this retro world of gaming. With different sounds, different characters and different game play, this console will definitely win your heart.

Why is this the best hand held gaming console in the market?

Cheertone has spent 14 years in this gaming business. Not only this, our company makes smart watches for kids, learning machines for kids, cameras for kids and gaming consoles.

What I am trying to say. our company knows, ‘what is good and attractive to the kids’. The world of entertainment and fun is not a new thing to us. We have sold hundreds of thousands of this gaming consoles and we have a good amount of happy customers.

There are many companies who make hand held gaming consoles. But, Cheertone’s gaming console has some unique games. These games are different and more entertaining from the other consoles.

Moreover, the design of the Cheertone’s hand held console is made with scientific perspective. The gamers will feel more comfortable and they can control those games better.

The consoles of our company can be customized. If you like red and black color, you can customize your console. This is a great option which no other company will offer you.

Our company is an OEM and ODM supplier. We test our products and we package them with great care. We always try to deliver excellent and perfect service.

If you want to taste 200 unique classic games with new HD screen, you should buy this CT-883 hand held gaming console. After playing on this console, you won’t be disappointed.

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