Let’s give you a glimpse of your childhood – slices of fresh watermelon, fizzing soda, your best friends, and a classic video game before your eyes. From the current position in our lives, we often look back and wonder where those video games are – the video games that were by our sides throughout our childhoods. SONY’S PlayStation was undoubtedly one of the most prominent consoles when we were younger, and they lent us many hours of fun and memory-making. And, in this article, you’ll be able to meet them once again.


Release date: December 3rd, 1994

Meet the PlayStation – SONY’s first home video game console. It sent shockwaves throughout the gaming industry and sparked global success, thanks to its powerful performance and high volume CD-ROM games. Hand in hand, these features led to the creation of a number of epoch-making games, including Pro Evolution Soccer, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Iron Fist, Gran Turismo and Silent Hill. Passionate fan bases formed as a result of these games, putting SONY at the top of the ranks.

In 2000, we saw SONY design the PS1 – a smaller version of the PlayStation, its graphical interface replaced with the main menu. By May 2004, it had sold more than 100 million units. The facts speak for themselves.

Retro gaming is becoming more and more sought after in the console world, and in 2018, the PlayStation Classic was launched. With 20 built-in classic games, they captured the attention of the devoted players who desired a blast from the past. However, considering the proliferation of HD televisions and the like, games on old consoles are unbearably fuzzy. Hackers unfortunately got hold of this console, so the price was continually lowered until its extinction.


Release date: March 2000

It’s time for the PlayStation 2. An upgrade to the original, it’s a 128-bit console that was said to have sold out on its day of release. Its performance came on leaps and bounds, and an ultra-thin model was released a few years later. Let’s get a little technical and run through some of its features. It has a graphic synthesiser, an emotion engine (which was much faster than SEGA’s DreamCast), a DVD ROM storage capacity of 17GB, two expansion slots and increased convenience. Of course, the gaming industry welcomed the PS2 and its impressive features with open arms. It sold 150 million units – more than any of its competitors.

PlayStation 3

Release date: November 2006

As the third generation of SONY’s PlayStation, it included all the previous features, but this time, its Blu-Ray player made the graphics interface look better. SONY added both new and classic games to optimise the content on offer. The PS3 boasted more wireless Bluetooth handles than its predecessor and can produce HD pictures. However, buyers ridiculed its dear price yet poor quality of games. So, in order to regain the praise of customers. SONY readjusted its selling price and optimized the game quality. Despite this, it was hugely popular – probably because of games such as Uncharted Drake’s Fortune and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.


Release date: November 2013

2013 saw the release of the PS4. It uses an AMD-based x86-64 architecture processor, making the actual game development easier. It’s 10x faster than the PS4, boasts 1080P graphics and displays up to 60 images per second. You can compare its performance to that of a $10,000 computer.

Additionally, the PS4 handle DualShock4 is popular in its own right. It’s the main controller of PS4 and connects to the main device via Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and also supports Window PC. Its material is made of rubber and plastic and contributes to an increased grip. Up until this point, the PS4 is a popular choice and is also the imitation object of major offline console manufacturers.

In this article, we’ve shown you SONY’s PS series – do you miss the classic consoles? A nostalgic style of gaming is beginning to creep up again, with several game giants aiming products at those wanting retro products. Nintendo’s Mini FC, the SFC Mini, NEOGEO Mini and SEGA’s MD Mini are examples of consoles released on a smaller scale. The classic can never be defeated, but what do you think about these remakes?

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