SONY’s handheld series of classic game consoles

As everyone is aware, SONY’s history in the realm of gaming includes both their extremely-popular home consoles as well as their less-known handheld devices. SONY has had immense success with their PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and the current PlayStation 4, but in 2019 the sad event occurred that SONY called it quits in regards to making handheld devices. While lots of people know about SONY’s generations of PlayStation consoles how much do you know about the history of SONY and its attempts at handheld gaming? This article will take a look back at SONY’s history with handheld gaming, which entailed two major series–the PSP and PSV, but we will be focusing on the PSP.

The PSP was also known as the PlayStation Portable and was the original handheld gaming device released by SONY with the PSV AKA the PlayStation VITA coming out later on and being advertised as the next-generation of handheld gaming with multiple models. This article (as discussed above) will focus on the PSP and the three generations it went through before the later introduction of the PSV.

PSP 1000

The PSP 1000 was SONY’s first PSP. It went on sale December 12th, 2004. It was billed as the, “Most cost-effective handheld multimedia terminal. It was promoted as such thanks to ability to watch videos, listen to music, and surf the internet.

1.A 4.3-inch backlit sharp ASV ultra-wide viewing angle LCD screen with a resolution of 480X272 Pizels.

2.A PCM source which corresponded to 3D surround sound and was so good it was at the time dubbed the, “21st Century Walkman.”

3.Games and Audio were primarily stores on the then-newly designed UMD compact disc, with 32MB of expanded memory available as well.

At the time of its debut one game sold for around $50. This was relatively expensive compared to other handheld devices, but it did not negatively impact sales at that time. For example, the game, “Need For Speed: Underground,” was thought to have sold around 1 million copies within three days upon its release.

PSP 2000

The PSP 2000 was announced at E3 in 2007. It was an enhanced version of the PSP 1000, which also had a new edition introduced, the, “Slim and Lite.” The basic features of the console were similar to the PSP 1000, but with some notable improvements:

1.The Position of some of the function keys was changed slightly to be easier to use.

2.The PSP 2000 had about 33% less weight and 19% less volume than the PSP 1000.

3.The PSP 1000 only had a built-in memory of 34MB while the PSP 2000 had 64MB built-in, which also made it easier for any programs or games running on it to operate.

4.One surprising new addition was the PSP 2000 having the ability to support video output, with chromatic aberration (also known as a d-type interface with line-by-lane scanning). As a result, the video quality of the PSP 2000 was in general much better than the PSP 1000

5.One concern gamers had expressed about the PSP 1000 was that UMD compact disc would, “Fly out,” of the device when ejected. SONY redesigned this feature so that the disc had to be manually released/unlocked so that it would not fall-out of the PSP 2000 so easily.

At the height of its popularity such hit games for the PSP 2000 included, “God of War: Chains of Olympus,” “Shin Sangokumusou,” and, “Warriors Orochi 2.”

PSP 3000

The PSP 3000 was the third iteration of the PSP and it was released in 2008. Some notable facts about it include:

1.While the PSP 3000 looked barely different from the PSP 2000,the PSP 3000 was much more comfortable to hold. This was mainly because the edges of the handheld were designed to be more rounded.

2.In regards to its performance, the PSP 3000 continued the trend of being a bit more powerful than previous versions of the PSP. These changes could be seen in such features as the screen–the PSP 3000 used a new LCD screen which had a wider color gamut as well as featuring higher contract and reflective processing. Also, with a more powerful battery it had a longer, “Standby,” time than the PSP 2000.

3.A microphone was added for the first time, found besidethe PSP logo. The PSP 3000 also came with voice-chat software, wireless communication features, and GPS support.

During its existence, the most popular games for the PSP 3000 included, “Yu-Gi-Oh Psychic,” “TTYX: Dangerous Game,” and multiple entries of the, “Pro Evolution Soccer,” series.

That’s all we are still crazy about years later! Also, this is by no means a complete history as this article did not even touch upon the PSP GO, PSPE 1000, and the aforementioned PSV. Don’t worry though, that history will be shared with you next time in another article!

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