Today 2018.6.12 our Korea customers come to our factory and company, for two important things. including: 1, there will be 4000pcs kids console games machine ship to customer, so they come to our factory to check the 4000pcs quality. After their inspection, they are very satisfy with the quality. give the result these can be ship out.Then they go to our office, they see and try some samples in our sample room.

Then they go to our office, they see and try some samples in our sample room. Then we discuss some new items together,During the discussion. Customer suggest to start a new project, they put out a picture of new product which they bring, describe the feature of product and their requests. this is a ODM product to us, so you can think that there is some challenge to us , but we accept their requests, since our important staffs attend the discussion. We say we will develop new mold , new design, start new test, make new inspection, and new training etc. Therefore, customer are very happy with that , and praise  us_good partner, who provides good products with high quality and satisfied service. at the same time, we thank them for the cooperation and support, we will continue to try our best to do better and better, with reasonable price, high quality product, and good service to our customer, they accept and agree that.

At last due to the tight time of customer, they had to leave , we suggest to take photo together to remember this happy and meaningful time, customer are glad to accept that.then we share the good time to you!

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