During the first half of the year, it’s common knowledge that the toy industry plateaus. Don’t fear, however, as the toy industry’s peak season is right around the corner – during the second half of 2019, we can expect its arrival, along with a number of important holidays. During festivities like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, businesses seize these opportunities and grab them with both hands, as this’ll make up for the previous flat sales situation.

Lots of companies initially struggle to find the balance between these selling extremes. So, how can you improve sales performance during the second half of the year? When faced with a variety of toy products and their respective consumer markets, choosing the toy with that desired hot style can be difficult. To make this headache-inducing process a little easier, we’ve gathered some information for you.

In the 2018 Top Ten Hottest Categories of Amazon, the toy category performed excellently, with a small peak of sales during each holiday period. It succeeded within both the European and North American market.

From this data, we can gather that toys are constantly sought after, and I believe the situation this year will be no different.

Next, I’d like you to meet several of our company’s products that are bound to gain hot-style status. Hopefully, you’ll be able to choose easily and draw in those profits.

A. Small Lens, Big World-Mini Novel Children’s Camera

In the eyes of children, everything in the world holds beauty – once their curiosity takes over them, everything is worth recording. For this reason, children’s cameras are on-trend as Halloween and Christmas gifts, for example.

This mini camera is a novel model. As a new product of Cheertone, it’s a convenient size for children to function and boasts the six following features:

1、2.4-inch IPS screen, which makes the picture naturally more saturated and the colour more vivid. The screen power consumption function is reduced.

2、It’s equipped with front and rear two-way cameras, taking photos from multiple angles.

3、It has 25 original games and supports multilingual functions, to give children some proper relaxation and brain exercise.

4、With more than 20 photo boxes and a multi-fold focusing function, it incites a child’s imagination.

5、The flash function makes it easier to take photos.

6、The rocker function makes it easier to operate.

B. Smart Children’s Watch-A Companion for Your Child

It is part of children’s nature to like cartoons, and most products are designed with this in mind. Watches are no exception. The children’s smart watch is an endearing product, accompanying their growth and development.

You can customise this watch to your needs, with the following five features:

1、It has GSM call, SOS function and a good call performance – you contact the child in time, ensuring their safety.

2、The seven games provide relaxation, entertainment and learning.

3、Its 30W pixel camera takes excellent photos.

4、It has a 1.54″IPS touch screen, with touch sensitive function, smooth operation and a lower power consumption.

5、It has a large memory and supports multi-language functions.

C. Mini Retro Arcade-Relive Memories

Childhood memories are joined by games machines, laughter and beautiful moments. Because of this, many seek collectibles from the past.

This game console has a mini retro look that can be used for relaxation, entertainment and for an art collection. It has the following advantages:

1、It’s an 8-bit game console.

2、Its 200 classic games bring you buckets of fun.

3、With rocker control, it’s comfortable to play with.

4、Its appearance can carry out OEM and ODM.

These three items are the hot selling main products of our company this year. Each boasts their own individual characteristics, and conforms to the trends of popular toy products. These trends can be proven via data and statistics, such as the Amazon Top Ten list. Therefore, in order to prepare for the industry’s peak season during the second half of the year and maximise your chances of drawing in the most profit possible, our customers have successively placed many OEM and ODM orders. We hope that this article has provided you with some much-needed information, supporting the choices and decisions you make as we approach the second half of the year. Thank you for reading!

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