Buying a game console is quite a hectic process. This is because there are many different consoles that have flooded the market and each of them is claiming to be the best. The situation is more difficult if you are planning to get a console for your child. You will need to bring into consideration many different things.

So which is the best child-friendly game console out there? To help you make the right choice, here are things to consider when choosing a suitable game console for your child.

1. Consider the exclusive games

Carry out a minor research to find out the games that your child likes. This is because different consoles come with exclusive games. For instance, Halo series is exclusively available on microsoft 360. It will be frustrating to buy a console only to discovery later on that it does not have the games that your kid wants.

2. Design

When it comes to the design,you need to choose a handheld console and the standard console that can be used only when in a room. For the safety of child and other factors,you may consider getting a standard console.

3. Warranty

When it comes to kids and devices,you can’t be sure of what will happen, damages are almost inevitable, A good warranty on the console can at least save you at the cost of repairing the device. Ensure that the game console company provides a reasonable warranty on the product.

4. The looks

Kids tend to be more visuals. They are concerned about the external beauty of the looks, some gaming consoles are customized to match with popular topics such as the latest blockbusters such as star wars.

5. Accessories

You should consider getting your child a console that is compatible with most accessory such as screen protectors and storage cases.

One of the game console company that has a reputation of supplying child game consoles is cheertone. The company is based ShenZhen china, they deal with both ODM and OEM.

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