With the rising trend of the consumption levels of people, most of the parents have now been compelled to keep more attention to the quality of education for their children. And this has therefore led to the invention of a branded new toy for the children in the market. The growth and development of the industry of the kid’s toy have sustained great momentum.

Among them are the smart toys that have become more favorite and highly popular in the kid’s toy market as they have become the best for both parents and their kids. These toys boast of great characteristics such as the puzzle interaction, and novel shape. Nonetheless, a big crisis has been experienced, when it comes to the safety and the quality of toys. And therefore, the big puzzle in this situation is on how to identify the best and most appropriate electronic toy’ manufacturer in China especially when there is a hidden security threat. Therefore, the following are the tips on how to pick the best and most appropriate electronic toy manufacturer in China.

  1. The Compressive Strength of Manufacturer

The comprehensive strength is composed of the factory size, the company standardization, the staff size, employee’s welfare, the standardization and the transparency of the process of operation. Generally, the size of the plant can be subdivided into three types which include medium-sized plant, micro-factories, large and medium factories.

The number of staffs in the factory vary from 20 to 500

Types of factories

  • Amicro factory is ranked under department which can either be assembly the number of workers ranges from 20 to 50 workers.
  • The medium factory ranges from 50 to 200 workers.
  • The large factory ranges from 200 to 500 workers.

Characteristics of huge and more established factories

  • the number’ of people range between 200 and 500,
  • At least 5 cables.
  • 1 cable length 15 to 25 meters.
  • 1 cable seating capacity of 40 people.
  • This type of manufacturer can meet a high quantity and quality demand products.

This kind of a factory with such strong establishment will be able to perfectly meet the demands for the customers when it comes to timely delivery. Starting at the product hardware and software development, to design mold, small batch production test, to the operation instructions development and production of the workers training pool, they will be able to secure a complete set of process.

That type of factory will assure you a continuous and reliable process. The entire process of production should be under the control of the individual factories. For the enterprise which is relative to medium-sized and small enterprises, their greatest advantage is that their delivery date and quality control is amazing.

  1. Ensure the Factory Certification of the Manufacturer is Complete

Products should qualify for exports to foreign countries and should be certified. Various exporting nations are expected to have the corresponding system of national certification. This enables individuals to have information about the manufacturer through their system certification, for example, the United States certification for the ICTI factory. The inspection ICTI factory means that the American and European buyers have confidence with the international’ third-party’ impartial organizations, for example, ITS, STR, SGS, in carrying out the ICTI audit and supplier certification.

Their main contents include wages, child labor, occupational health, working hours, environmental protection, employee interviews, safety protection, and many others. Additionally, BSCI’ is one initiative that requires businesses to comply with the certification requirements. The companies should utilize the BSCI’ system of monitoring in the production plants in order to continue improving the quality of standards when it comes to social responsibility. Every country and their industry have various certification requirements.

  1. Check the Product Certification Process of the Manufacturer

For product’ certification on the industry of the electronic toy, different countries have varied product certification systems. Here are the certification entities.

  • United States – FCC, UL, ASTM and American material test association, etc.
  • Europe – CE, EN71, ROHS.
  • British – BEB, ASTA
  • Germany – VDE and GS
  • South Korea – KC
  • Japan – PSE
  • Singapore – PSB
  • Malaysia – SIRIM.

The certification of the product is dependent on the main exporting countries. Experienced and strong manufactures boast of the most professional team that designs and develops products following the certification standards before products are developed. This way, therefore, developed products are able to meet the product certification.

  1. Check the Manufacturers Control of the Product Quality

The main point about the control of the product quality is the SOP factory and the procedure on the standard operation. This describes the standard’ operating system processes and the events requirements in a more unified format in order to guide and standardize daily operations. The factory provides a perfect description of the SOP steps on every station in order to standardize and train the SOP of the workers. This is a highly essential node to help in keeping up with the product quality. For example, if a product has to be produced, there is always the standard procedure of operation provided during the preliminary research and development. It is meant to test whether production can be made on the line of production.

Every project calls for requirements and the standard of every process which needs to be fulfilled before going to the next step. This a great quality guarantee of the product. Another point of safety is the test guidelines on factory production. This is a complete set’ of production for at least 50′ items. Most of the electronic toys boast of the aging test.

The process involved in carrying out any aging test is the main point which reflects on the company’s mode of professionalism and regulation over the quality of the product. Therefore, the above tips should guide you on how to identify the most suitable electronic toy manufacturer’ in China. The choice of the top manufacturers will minimize the glitches in production and final product. The answers provided should enable you to secure the best and the most effective electronic toy that will perfectly serve the purpose for your customer’s kids and at the same time leave you more than satisfied.

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