Now, with the advent of the mobile era, many people will feel that the previous retro arcade trend is coming to an end, but is it really? In the era of information explosion, most of the time we do not pay attention to the news of retro arcade, but it does not mean that it has disappeared, it still has a high degree of heat, just the explosion of information spread our attention, let we didn’t pay attention to this trend.

Just like Bob Dylan or the Beetles, the retro era is still cool! You are still into vintage cool glasses, the leather jackets, and of course, rock-n-roll. Do you know what else is cool? The good old days of gaming – where you and your friends played them hours after hours! Do you know that people still play and love retro arcade games? That’s a fact! Retro arcade games’ (including the mini handled game console) demand is still high and it is quite evident. You can still see people playing retro arcade games in many public places – restaurants, movies, and even in some pubs. Retro games still have fans – remember Virtual Cop and Donkey Kong?

What do the market experts say?

Billy Pidgeon, Videogame Industry Analyst, IDC said that the retro arcade games may not have the best kind of graphics, but the mechanics of the game and the gameplay are much better than many of the present time’s new titles. He further observed that these arcade games let people relive their young days. (Source: Forbes)

Rick Kirby, President, Betson Enterprise said that the buyers aren’t just teenagers-turned-grownups. Married couples and families purchase these machines for their game rooms too. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that the retro arcade games are still alive and kicking.

KG Orphanides, Technology Journalist and a collector of retro games said that there’s definite the element of nostalgia, but there’s also the fact that the retro arcade games are well designed. (Source: BBC)

But why do people still play the retro arcade games, especially in the era of PC game and game console? These arcade games are easy to play, addictive, and fun. Even today many mini arcade machine manufacturers are selling these game machines online.

In addition, we can take a look at the data of mini arcade from Google official in recent five years:

As can be seen from the data graph,

1.The data of mini arcade in the past five years show an overall upward trend, which indicates that no matter how many years have passed, the popularity of mini arcade still belongs to an upward trend and the market demand is growing steadily.

2.There is a small peak of heat every December. Of course, this is the consumer data.

But from a trader’s point of view, you need to be well prepared in April to October every year if you want to fully cope with the consumer fever in December.


On the one hand, traders need to confirm the preparation of goods in the early stage, such as inspecting the quality, price, production capacity and delivery date of products. On the other hand, the suppliers need to complete the connection of production demands and arrange reasonable production time, production schedule, product testing, delivery date and other matters. Both parties need to prepare for these links for several months to ensure that the product can quickly seize the market opportunity and obtain considerable profits in December.

If you are nostalgic now reading about them, then we understand you and we have good news for you as well! However, before we get to the point, let us help you with some basic tips if you considered buying some arcade machines.

Read on.

The Hardware

The hardware plays a vital role here. The retro arcade games come with a dedicated sound card, SVGA connected screen (or a screen that bypasses the connection entirely!), large amount of onboard RAM, chips that are capable of running at a high Hz, custom tools such as light guns, even full closures, and a much better cooling system. SO, when you take these factors into consideration, you will realize that retro arcade games can still offer a better experience, compared to playing games on the TV.

Get the right arcade machine!

You need to know that the retro arcade machines come in various price range and sizes. It’s an obvious fact that if you go for bigger machines you need to pay more money. In such cases, a mini arcade machine could be the best choice. As a trusted mini arcade machine manufacturer, we suggest that you go for the mini arcade machines – they are economic and will suit your room too. Lastly, you should get an arcade machine from a trusted and professional manufacturer, to ensure that you get the best and don’t face disappointment.

Mini arcade never goes out of style. Relive the days with us – where you fought with your siblings over your next turn or getting angry on your friend just because he showed up late and you wanted to play for more time. There’s absolutely no denying that the old school games are truly back and are far, far away from GAME OVER!

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