Children’s smart watch have become the hottest selling smart wearable devices. At present, many veterans and new intelligent hardware manufacturers are beginning to enter the field of children’s smart watches. For example, Huawei, Tencent, 360, Abba, sugar cats, small geniuses, Cheertone, and even some cottage brands are seizing the market. These children’s smart watches in function design, no other than parents need to view real-time location, listening environment, or even two-way conversation, these are parents need to worry about children’s own safety needs weakness.

However, with the rising sales of children’s smart watches, behind it is a mess.

As early as September last year, CCTV “first time” part of the exposure of some children’s smart watches exceeded the standard serious, and some two-way call to dial the phone, the radiation more than 1000 times the phone, the radiation storm parents horrified. After that, the media started a big discussion on whether harmful remarks are based on scientific methods or not. Various brands also clarified through methods such as radiation monitoring, design specifications, and expert certification.

Earlier this year, CCTV’s “Focus Interview” section exposed the safety issues of some children’s smartwatch, which can lead children to be monitored in real time by hackers to obtain children’s daily walking tracks and real-time ambient sound. The news is a bolt from the blue, originally to improve child safety, parents and children to facilitate communication products, now even in the face of hacking attacks have no ability to resist. Even, even able to open up the “door of convenience” for unscrupulous people, really think carefully fear!

In addition, some children’s smart watch work rough, substandard materials, modeling boring, parents bought whim, children are not comfortable, do not want to wear. Hardware problems, rooted in children’s smart watches as a new thing, from the national and industry level is also the lack of corresponding clear design, manufacture, production, process standards and norms. In addition, all kinds of children’s smart watch brands quite a mixed bag, the quality is uneven. Some cottage brands simply for the pursuit of profit, the public simple module assembly, save the cost of redevelopment and encryption, and even the use of second-hand recycling of plastic materials, and the resulting damage turned a deaf ear to its ears.

At the same time, children’s smart watches are too monotonous in function. Although they are called “smart”, they are more “pseudo-smart.” Removed from the market several large children’s smart watches brands has a strong design, research, and development capabilities, most brands just find a colorful shell, the internal components with the public, there is no independent development of APP’s ability to outsource processing. Some brands need to be done is the only sales, such a product of its intelligence, security can be imagined.

The original impulse of parents to buy children’s smart watches for babies is to locate and communicate. However, the children’s smart watches in the market really poke these pain points it?

At present, some children smart watches positioning accuracy is poor, the situation barely acceptable outdoor, but there is common positioning slow problem. Indoor, in the absence of ancillary positioning, the drift makes the positioning of meaningless. Children’s smart watches if positioning is not allowed, the key moment is the least difference, absurdly miles, people scared.

Life is also a pain point to be solved. Most children limited to the size of smart watches, battery capacity is difficult to enlarge, the technical difficulties caused by short life. Therefore, the make up of the various brands is to adopt different ways of base charging, magnetic charging, or other more direct charging methods. However, only the real solution from the design, technology, and development for a long time standby, this is the fundamental solution to this painful point.

Poor user experience is also a problem that can not be ignored. From a parent’s point of view, they value the positioning and communication, and the ultimate user of smart watches or children, the baby’s experience is crucial. However, at present, some children’s smart watches have the complicated logic of interaction, inadequate accessibility of parents – end APPs and children’s wristwatch, lack of functional development for children, difficulty in keeping children wearing and difficulty in recruiting parents to purchase upgrades again desire.

Purely Internet children’s smart watch, the future will have greater potential to meet user needs

For example, this product has been developed for up to three generations and has hundreds of product solution R & D teams composed by security experts. Every day, we constantly carry out our own products Simulate attack testing to detect watch safety. From the watch’s system to the app, to the cloud service window, the road to independent research and development is completely different from the common “patchwork” children’s smart watch in the market, which also lays a good foundation for product performance and quality.

360 total sales of children’s watches has now exceeded 1.4 million units, double 11 during the entire network to become the champion, with the corresponding app and watch the installed capacity has exceeded 2.5 million from the current situation of rapid growth point of view, the first half of 2016 360 children Watch sales will exceed 3 million, the corresponding app installed capacity will reach 6 million, because in general, a smart watch for children will correspond to two apps installed, parents will install app to master the real-time children’s movements.

In the field of intelligent hardware, such a high sales figures and such a large app installed capacity is extremely rare, which means that the scale of output is not far off. In fact, a separate watch product is not the most important thing, up to millions of app installed capacity is greater value. The use of the app to monitor children’s movements are all parents, and these parents are high-quality users of the mobile Internet. In the future, parents who use the same product will interact with each other to form a parent-child circle and form a parent – child community. The value of this product will be magnified. It’s

Parent-child communities are generally considered to have strong business prospects but are not easy to operate successfully because of the lack of points of interest that connect their parents together. It is hard to do it out of thin air. 360 Child’s Watch This product is just an excellent point of interest connector, based on this hardware product to form a parent-child community is very possible. 360 has a wealth of experience in user operations. From the perspective of Internet – based children’s smart watches, it is feasible to keep hardware products at a low price instead of developing user values through parent – child communities. The future commercial value of 360 watches will depend largely on the community.

According to informed sources, the recent 360 may be interested in children’s smart watch business split out to give its independent development status, give full play to the team’s subjective initiative to promote innovation in this area to make more. Because from the current business data and market developments, children’s smart watches in the future is likely to develop into a large industry is very large, the business packaged as 360 of the ecological chain of independent development of the company, its future development. 360 insiders on the smart watch business development prospects for children is quite optimistic about the company is expected to be independent after the valuation may develop to tens of billions of dollars level.

There are many future directions for the development of children’s smart watches, but there are also many problems that need to be solved urgently. For example, positioning accuracy, children’s smart watches for a higher level of positioning services, the current error of up to a few meters or even a dozen meters of LBS positioning obviously cannot meet more demand. Such as battery life and integration issues, LBS positioning is very power-hungry, which also makes children’s smart watches life is generally not high, if you can do a little easier to wear, but can also ensure a longer period of use, which of course will More user-friendly. In addition, the interaction needs to be further simplified and smooth.

From the child’s point of view, children’s daily life except for entertainment, the original wave of intelligence has nothing to do, but the emergence of children’s smart watches to break the status quo. A child’s smart watch is probably the first smart device in your child’s life, enlightening and nurturing, or a handy bridge for children to a smart world. Therefore, the future prospects of children’s smart watches can be expected.

IDC expects global wearable device shipments to reach 110 million by the end of 2016, achieving a year – on – year increase of 38.2%. The wave of smart watch startups may have just started.

There are opportunities to make money, come on!

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