On November 12, 2018, Stan Lee, the famous founder of Marvel Comics died at a medical facility in Hollywood, California. He was 95 years old. During his last interview, Lee said, “I love my fans. I cannot tell you how much I love my fans.”

Although Lee is gone, his legacy remains. Marvel comics remains one of the most popular entertainment franchises in the world; with movies, comic books, video games and all other types of media dedicated to various Marvel characters or the Marvel Universe in general.

But none of this would have been possible without Stan Lee himself. Lee and his team created the biggest characters in the Marvel universe; characters such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the entire cast of X-Men. The Marvel Universe wouldn’t exist without these characters, and these characters wouldn’t exist without Stan Lee himself.

About Marvel

From their humble beginnings in the comic book industry, Stan Lee’s characters grew and grew until they got their own TV series, and Hollywood movies. And as the video market grew, video game developers began creating Marvel video games as well.

And it doesn’t end there.

They became so popular that other franchises began creating special crossovers with various Marvel characters. DC Comics, for example, partnered with Marvel at various times to create DC/Marvel crossover, and of course, there was the hugely popular Marvel VS Capcom series, which featured Marvel characters fighting characters from various Capcom games in a video game.

And of course, Marvel Comics has also inspired fan and cosplay conventions. Stan Lee was even gracious enough to endorse and visit such events. In fact, Lee often enjoyed interacting with fans, and unlike other comic creators, he enjoyed making cameos in various movies. Lee has appeared on various movies, some of which were not even related to the Marvel franchise.

Marvel and Cheertone

Though he has passed away, Stan Lee’s work continues to delight and entertain people all over the world, and Cheertone is part of that legacy. In honor of Stan Lee and his great achievements in promoting the Marvel franchise, we have established new services that will allow our clients to create new smart toys, watches and gadgets which center around the Marvel franchise.

Do you need to create a new game about Spiderman? Are you planning to create an app about the X-Men? We can help turn those ideas into reality.

We can create games, adds and various types of products that feature elements and characters from the Marvel franchise. We have toys, games and consoles that feature all the leading Marvel characters, including Spiderman, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, the cast of the X-Men and many more. We can also create customized products to celebrate Stan Lee’s life and legacy.

And the best part is that all you need to do is provide us with the concept or idea. We will handle everything else. Once we have finished the first template, we will present it to you for approval. If you approve the prototype, we will begin mass production immediately, and we will deliver them to you fully packaged and ready for sale.

About Cheertone

Cheertone is an established but growing company that was originally founded back in 2004. We offer integrated product research, manufacturing, marketing and sales solutions for businesses that cater to children and young adults.

Our company researches and produces high quality products for children between 3 to 12 years of age. We produce smart toys, kids’ smart watches as well as different handheld consoles.

Our core development engineering team consists 35 specialists to ensure that we create the best software and devices for our clients. We also offer packaging and support solutions, and what’s more, we offer OEM/ODM technical support, which means that we can turn any idea into a perfect product. We will also take care of everything, from product design to product function to game content and more. Just tell us what you need and we will make them happen.

So if you’re planning to release a new set of Marvel themed products in honor of Stan Lee’s legacy, give us a call and we will turn your ideas into a reality. We promise to create a product that will impress your clients and honor Stan Lee’s memory at the same time.

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