Product precautions

Kid smart watch

1.Battery: rechargeable battery, new watches should be fully charged before using

2.CT-W6 only daily waterproof, no wearing when bathing.

3.If the TP not well-touched, please download the latest software from our website. For the details, please read the instruction book or contact our staff.

1.Battery: Rechargeable, under the guidance of your parents to connect the power and fully charged before using

2.CT-W16, only daily waterproof, no wearing when bathing

3.Please download the App from its instruction book or our website.

4.Open the Bluetooth of your mobile, look for the right Bluetooth of CT-W16 connect it.

●If your mobile connected the Bluetooth of CT-W16 successfully, the LCD will show the Bluetooth logo.

●If mobile shows the model name of CT-W16, means mobile and watch are well matched.

Mini handheld arcade game

1. Three ways to charge power of model CT-881/CT-882: recyclable lithium battery, USB cable, 3*AAA batteries.

●Before using Lithium battery version , firstly check whether the battery finger and power contact are rusted or not to prevent poor contact.

●For 3*AAA version batteries, please check whether the plug rusted or not, if the sound become weak and scene slow down, please replace the batteries. The battery is provided by the merchant or the user.

●Use USB cable under the guidance of your parents.

2.CT-881/CT-882 is made of plastic, do not close to the fire source.

1. Two charging ways of Cheertone learning machine: USB cable, 3*AAA batteries.

●Firstly, new learning machine should connect to power and fully charged before using.

●Learning machine with 3*AAA batteries, please check the battery slot rusted or not, if it was rusted, please contact supplier immediately.

2. Language: learning machine is equipped with eight languages, we also can customize language according to customer’s needs.


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