When you start a business, you need to considered so many things, the important thing is how to find a quality supplier, get the good products and the reasonable price. There are so many suppliers in China, but is there have any method to find the quality Chinese suppliers?

Website: The website of the manufacturer will not be particularly beautiful and delicate. They do not often make website revisions, design art work, add new features or the like because they focus on the product and their product is their lifeblood.

The agency’s website is different, in order to attract customers, they will make the site very beautiful, very sophisticated, frequent changes to the site interface. They do not need to design and produce products, time is more adequate, what is more, they will do tricks on the product images, through a variety of image processing software to make the product picture is particularly clear and fresh, the color can be made into a very good color picture of. Their purpose is to attract customers, on Alibaba, there are few companies just by looking at the product picture will attract you, most are simple, no decoration.

Commodities: For development, the manufacturers will continue to develop new products, once having new products they will be updated on website at the first time, the product updates very soon. And secondly, there will have many different colors when the manufacturers design new products, especially clothing, Shoes and other wear products, of course, to exclude other individual categories of goods. Agents are different, their website need a long time to update the products, and some are almost unchanged, the price is certainly higher than the manufacturer’s Web site prices. Do not just care about the product images when two websites have the same product, the product image can not see the quality. If it is a photo you have found quality problems, will you still announced it?

Services: Manufacturers generally have better service attitude than the agents. When we look for the products sources, we need to talk with the customer service to ask the product quality, material and other sales questions, manufacturers of the site customer service is very familiar with their products, their production, they know all details about materials, color and quality.

Agents are not the same, if you ask them some questions about the commodities, the answer to be slower, and are very vague, because they do not know much about the products, I do not think there will be any agents to bring back goods from the factory, the customer service Carefully learn the all details, and then upload to the site.

Qualifications: Most manufacturers will put their company’s business license and related evidence on the site through the picture shows, put into the bottom of the site or inside pages, not on the top of the site. Agents do not have them and no need. If they have, do some careful investigation, the business license of the company name and business license number, generally can be found online. First, search on Alibaba, then do not easily believe the information which in order to highlight the size of company, like the pictures of warehouse, the picture of work environment and the picture of a huge staff. There are so many information online, just copy it, then can be use.

Contact: Manufacturers will left a detailed contact address and telephone number on the website, there is no supply of online shop manufacturers are not wholesale, they have enough stock at any time, they hope more is the wholesalers to wholesale, so take the volume larger, the agents almost no detailed address, no a detailed house number, they are afraid of engaging in wholesale or customers, even more afraid of the Inland Revenue Department.

Quality: Commodity manufacturers generally guarantee seven days no reason to return, but the premise is that in addition to quality problems, the buyer bear the freight, agents rarely can guarantee seven days no reason to return, they will say there is certainly no problem with the quality. When you are satisfied with the manufacturer, you can register members on the site to analyze their membership is perfect, you can order online, payment and package tracking, try to select orders through the site, not through the customer service to ship.

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