With the growing nostalgia for the ‘old days’, our society has turned to the 70s, 80s, and 90s to quench our thirst for cool, pretty things. We listen to retro music and wear old-style clothes. But what do you really associate with that time period? Right, handheld game console players.

A lot of kids nowadays don’t know what Tetris or Pacman are, but we all know and love them. This is why, here’s an article that will help you find the right mini game player for your child, which will be loved both by parents and by kids.

What are the options?
At the moment, Nintendo and Sega seem to dominate the market. Well, the first one a lot more than the second one. And when you look at the prices, your eyes will pop out of your eye sockets, because cheertone is beyond reasonable. Of course, the name of the brand makes them seem like they are worth the money, but, in fact, there are many good alternatives that will satisfy your needs just as well.

For example, Cheertone. Cheertone is an established and growing company that specializes in game players, game consoles, mini retro arcades, kid smart watches, kid cameras, and kid learning machines. We have been around for fourteen years now, and we are a company that will most likely be your next big hit. By far, Cheertone can be called the mini retro arcade supplier you have been looking for your whole life.

Our prices are fairly reasonable, and the handheld game consoles they offer are customizable. We also have a wide range of products starting with game player mini arcades, handheld game consoles, and game players, and ending with kids walkie talkie watches, kid smart watches, and even double joystick arcade games.

Cheertone 8/12/16 Bit Handheld Games Console CT-883 vs Nintendo 2DS Portable Game Console

To better understand why Cheertone’s game players should be your number one choice, let’s compare two of the popular products of Cheertone and Nintendo. We will look at the similarities and differences, and see what is best for your child.

Price: Obviously, Nintendo’s Console is a lot pricier than Cheertone’s. As mentioned before, this is the result of a well-known name, but a popular brand does not always mean that all the products are high-quality. And on the contrary, a not-so-famous brand can have a very competitive quality, which is definitely the case here.

Customization: Cheertone offers individual customization to most of their game consoles. This one in particular does not have such a feature, but it is still a unique product. Nintendo doesn’t offer such opportunities.

Games: Cheertone’s Handheld Games Console offers up to 220 built-in games, while Nintendo only has a few ones built in! Yes, you heard it right. After you purchase the console, you will have to buy games separately which drastically increases the overall price. There won’t be such difficulties with Cheertone though.

Look and Feel: Both products look and feel good. Cheertone’s console is also made from an environmentally friendly plastic.

So, as you can see, Cheertone’s Handheld Games Console seems to be superior to Nintendo’s in just so many aspects. With the game range it provides for such a small price, it would be a shame not to buy it. Don’t forget there are many other options too, like the mini arcade and double joystick arcade games offered by our company!

To sum it all up, a handheld game console or a mini arcade game player is probably your best bet in our modern world where kids prefer technology over books and outside games. These retro products will bring nostalgia into your house and make both you and your kid happy. After all, you were the one playing these games a long time ago!

There are many companies on today’s market that offer numerous game consoles, but however good they might be, they are still pretty expensive. Advice? Find alternatives. There’s always an equivalent to the already existing product. In this case, Cheertone seems like one of the better choices in the see of low-quality game consoles. We are got a firm history of good customer service and amazing and loved products.

If you are still doubting whether you should buy our game consoles, you can always find customer reviews and make sure for yourself that these are worth your money. Ultimately, you can find ourmini arcade on our website!

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