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At Shenzhen Cheertone Technology Co., Ltd, we are a manufacturer with 18 years of experience in kid's electronic toy production, integrating product development, production and marketing. We have a complete supply chain of development-design-production toys. As long as any potential customers provide us with their ideas or drawings we can create and carry-out OEM&ODM children's toys manufacturing projects according to their exact needs.

For one example, there is our Korean customer, CHOIROCK CONTENTS FACTORY, who was interested in our children's learning watch W6. They wanted to purchase 100,000 PCS and required a customized watch appearance and software, in addition to their own IP of cartoon characters. Through the hard work and cooperation of our various departments we were able to make this customer a watch they were highly satisfied with.

In fact, our colleague (who was in charge of the business-end of the project) informed us that according to the follow-up communication and feedback we received the customized watch was selling very well in that company's consumer market within Korea.
OEM kids smart watch from customers design

When it comes to the numerous digital products in the marketplace, children's smart-watches are often a big favorite of parents and children. According to data previously released by IDC, the global shipments of wrist-wearable devices reached 126 million in 2018, and are expected to reach 182 million in 2023, with a growth of 44.5% in the next five years. This indicates great growth-potential for the wrist-wearable market that should not be underestimated. As children's smart-watches continue to occupy a place in the market of wrist-wearable devices parents will pay more-and-more attention to their options as they will want to select wrist-wearable devices that contribute to the safety and growth of their children, favoring intellectual-development focused devices. All of this therefore makes the market of children's smart-watches one that contains huge business opportunities that should be carefully explored.

There has been a surge of interest in education-focused products and this has made kid's smart-watches more and more popular thanks to their safety, function, and education. To keep pace with the overall market development trend of children's smart-watches our company has developed three different types of kid's smart-watches, which are as follows:

Children's learning-focused watches which include photo-capabilities, video-recording, educational functions, and puzzle games as well as other features. These are beloved by children and parents thanks to having interesting puzzle games and the ability to communicate with other children. Parents like how it assists with cognitive development thanks to its educational functions and has games that are focused on learning as opposed to less-beneficial mobile games that can be full of violence or in-game purchases.

The children's intercom smart-watch has a unique intercom function in addition to its photo-taking abilities, time management features, and puzzle games. The intercom function makes it great for kid's to talk with their parents or playmates.

The children's phone smart-watch comes with a positioning system (GPS) as well as social functions. A number of parents will actually wear these too as it enables them to keep in close-contact with their children, assuring their safety and ability to monitor what their kids are up to.

Our children's learning-focused watches are a masterful integration of education and entertainment. Using the generalplus software program, it is suitable for children aged 3-8.
smart watch for kids CT-W6 from Cheertone
Currently there are three watches of this kind with similar functions. They have the following five features in common:

1.1.44-inch TFT color touch screen is included. It is very sensitive to touch and extremely simple to operate. Children do not need to assistance from their parents to use it thanks to it being so intuitive. This allows them to fully explore and master the operation of the smart-watch all by themselves.

2.The watch display has 20 different clock-face designs. This allows children to choose between an assortment of cute and interesting digital and analog-looking dials to help them with learning how to distinguish time.

3.The smart-watches include a lovely-sounding voice-interaction partner named Hippo. Children can click on various parts of the Hippo and it will do different actions in addition to carrying on interesting conversations with children. This encourages the children to work on developing their speech and interaction-skills.

4.Different animal sounds can be selected for an alarm clock as well as stopwatch that features the cartoon animals. These help children keep track of time.

5.A number of, "Brain games," are featured such as whack-a-mouse, number memory, music-themed games, and more that assist children in the development of their cognitive skills and thinking abilities thanks to the educational exercises. In addition to the games a calendar is included as well that works with the aforementioned alarm clock and timer functions.

The major differences between the three learning-focused smart-watches are as follows:

1.The CT-W6 watch has a 90-degree rotating camera. This allows children to take photos from multiple angles that makes any direction or angle easy to make a memory of via a snapshot.

2.The CT-W8A kid's learning-focused watch has a fixed camera, but includes a number of interesting photo effects, frames, and filters. This makes it possible to alter photos in fun and creative ways. In addition, the resulting photos can be downloaded to a computer via a USB cable.

3.The CT-W11 learning watch is an upgraded version of the W6. It not only has all the functions of the W6 watch but also adds more functions such as a pedometer for keeping track of steps when doing physical activities, a flashlight for lighting-up dark spaces, and an upgraded version of the puzzle game. These additional features help to be even better at meeting the needs of children when it comes to their smart-watches.

These learning-focused watches not only have a 400MAh battery, a sturdy design, and a lot of storage space, they can support the shooting of more than 1000 photos and record about 10 minutes of video. To give one example, we had a customer named Linsay and he said how he was interested in our children's learning-focused watches and needed to have an order carried-out of an ODM watch appearance and packaging box. All the imagery on the watch was printed with his company's logo and we made watches per his directions that he was extremely satisfied with. Now his branded-watches are selling very well in the targeted market of youth interested in learning-focused watches and he has placed return orders every year.
kids smart watch CT-W6 with color boxOur kid's intercom watch also uses the generalplus software program. It comes in two different versions, the W9 and W9A.
classic design kids smart watch CT-W9 and W9A
The children's intercom watch W9 is an updated version of the W9A which has most of the features of the children's learning-focused watch. These include:

1.20 cartoon-themed time dials and 5 different animal themes for the alarm clock. These features help children to learn to distinguish numbers and develop their time-management ability.

2.There are additional puzzle functions, such as the interactive Hippo feature, three puzzle games, and so on.

3.This watch's main feature is that it includes an intercom function. This function can be matched with another intercom device on the same frequency within 200m so as to act as a partner for interactive activities. It can be a great substitute communication device in places with no phone signal or a weak phone signal as well. Our other intercom-featuring products include an intercom pen, intercom doll, and so forth. All of these can interact with our watch to give children even more choices when it comes to experiencing the fun of the intercom watch!

If you need an OEM/ODM cheap intercom watch, the W9A is a stellar choice. This intercom watch is great and just lacks some of the features of the W9. For example, this watch does not have the photo-taking or video-recording functions. It also lacks the puzzle games and such, but does have the function of the alarm clock and timer in addition to its intercom function. We can provide a variety of different options according to the different needs of our customers. After all, this is not only a watch, but also a mini walkie-talkie of sorts! Such a fun product is sure to be prized possession of children making it a wise purchase for parents trying to decide on a good birthday or Christmas gift.

Our children's phone smart-watch software mainly adopts a MTK scheme. This is suitable for children aged 5-12. The appearance is of the watch is simple and appealing with bright and lovely colors that draw the eyes of children.
kids phone smart watch with calling
We currently have two children's phone smart-watches, both of which have very similar functions:

1.They have good water resistance. This is handy for daily life as you do not need to worry constantly about the watch being exposed to or falling in water, which would result in the failure of lower-quality watches.

2.They support two-way calling, allowing children to make and receive calls from their parent's contact numbers in addition to supporting 2G networks. Currently research has shown that children do not generally use features that require a 4G function, so we have had our watches use a 2G network. Should our continued market research show that the customer-based has a demand for 4G network use we will upgrade these watches to support the 4G network.

3.SOS call and monitoring functions that parents can set. Parents can program three phone numbers onto the watch and make it so that if the SOS key is pressed for 3 second to sound the alarm/indicate an emergency he watch then automatically dials these three phone numbers in turn.

4.There are many cartoon themes for children to choose from, which keeps things "Fresh," and adds an additional sense of fun to the smart-watches for the children using them.

5.Compare with the other phone watches on the market these two smart-watches have more functions. These include photo-taking, a flashlight, a pedometer function, puzzle games, interactive voice characters, etc. These features all are helpful for children as they utilize the watch in their daily life.

When our customer has additional ideas, our engineering team are eager to support them. Our engineers have many years of experience in product software and hardware development. This allows them to be able to meet a wide-range of needs for our customers and help them develop their ideas. For example, an American customer of ours named Brainytraded purchased one of our phone watches, the C6. He chose our company for two reasons after comparing us with so many other phone watch manufacturers. The first reason was because our product pricing is highly advantageous over other OEM factories and in addition we are strict in the quality management of our products (since we control the production process from the very start of incoming materials all the way to the end the quality of our product is guaranteed). Second, the appearance of the watch mold is much more sleek and professional in appearance than that of our competitors in many customer's opinions within this competitive market.