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With the increase of people's consumption level of technology paired with the continuous development of science and tech, it is now seen how parents pay more and more attention to their children's physical and mental health development in relation to modern technology. Now, electronic interactive educational toys have become the mainstream in the children's toy market, with educational toys gaining popularity thanks to their ability to cultivate the imaginations, creativity, and hands-on skills of children. Plus, these toys can cater to the STEAM-developing aspects of preschool and education (STEAM meaning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics as five interdisciplinary skills). These children's educational toys are very popular with such examples of STEAM products being building blocks, DIY manual clay, children learning machines, early education-focused pedal pianos, and so forth.

To illustrate the popularity of STEAM products, it is worth noting how despite the global toy market downturn, Lego saw a turnaround in 2018, with revenues up 4% year on year and a net profit up 3.55% year on year.

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In addition, according to the Google search trend of children's educational toys from 2018 to 2019, the search popularity of children's educational toys is in a stable state overall. However, looking at a business situation such as that of Lego, there is clearly still room to take advantage of the popularity of children's educational toys and how they will likely increase in the future. There is a lot of market potential for children's educational toys in the future, this should not be underestimated. Educational toys are different from ordinary toys because they are not only fun enough to stimulate the interest of children, but they exercise a child's logical thinking ability, memory, and concentration as well during the process of play. This, therefore, achieves the effect of education in fun.
There are various forms of educational toys, intelligentization and interaction are two important characteristics of educational toys, mainly embodied in the educational toys that children either develop their, "Emotional," communication with or develop good habits by using. Two popular educational children's toys are those that are learning machines as well as sports bracelets. Let's examine the children's learning machine first.

Children's learning machines are mainly divided into two types. There are the ones suitable for young children to play as an early-education learning tool as well as those suitable for children ages 6-10-yeas-old. That are called intelligent learning machines these electronic products are specially designed to promote and cultivate children's interest in learning. Some early education learning machines are equipped to support human-machine interaction, storytelling, and reading, plus fun puzzle games. These all stimulate a children's interest in learning, furthering their brain development. These early education learning machines combine the theory of multiple intelligences in education.
They integrate English, pinyin literacy, mathematical logic, natural knowledge, games, and entertainment. The intelligent learning machine can be thought of as an upgraded version of the early education learning machine. It not only has the learning functions of the early education learning machines, but also add more functions such as increased human-machine interaction, an internet connection, and multimedia applications. In terms of construction, the intelligent learning machine has its own independent operating system, core processor, and extended memory. In terms of content design, the learning module contents can be updated and upgraded according to individual needs.

Shenzhen Cheertone Technology co., ltd has more than 10 years of experience in the production of children's toys, as well as research and development, production, and trade integration of the company. In the field of children's toys, we strive to achieve the best quality, the best service and are proud to help children grow. The early childhood education learning machine is our company's earliest product made in our research and development, and also one of our top sales products, with all of our products having gone through strict production control, so they are also very popular with our customers.

Our most popular children's learning machine is the early education learning machine. Thanks to having easy operation each function plate has an independent operation button which can assist with directly reading the need to play the content. The appearance of the design of the whole learning machine also conforms to the principles of ergonomic design, with the whole machine having no sharp edges or corners. It also meets all ABS environmental protection standards for the plastic shells and effectively ensures the safety of all children. Our learning machines are the CT-888, CT889A, CT0890B, and the CT-898, respectively.


Here are the main differences between the four learning machines:

1.The CT-888 and CT-890B are 16-bit learning machines, while the CT-889A and the CT-898 are 8-bit categories of learning machines. The image quality displayed between them varies with the textures of the 16-bit learning machines being clearer than that of the 8-bit learning machines.

2.The built-in IC of these four learning machines is not the same, with the memory capacity being different. This results in the number of games in each set not being the same, varying between a built-in 88 games, 98 games, and so forth.

With those differences noted, here are their similarities:

1.The Screen: All devices feature 2.7-inch TFT color screens with a resolution of 960X240, which displays a clear picture. The light of the screen is also very soft, which does not strain the eyes.

2.Game Aspects: Although the exact set number of games can vary, the general setup remains the same where each game has directions to explain the function as well as visuals, audio, and hands-on playing. The games also feature eye-catching shapes, colors, and music to all boost digital cognitive ability.

3.AV Output: These four learning machines can be connected to the TV via the AV line to output the picture from the small screen to a bigger television screen, which makes things easier for children to see all the images with their parents and other family members. This facilitates interaction and communication between adults and children, encouraging further social growth and development via interaction.

4.Multiple Language Support: These four learning machines are available in both English and Chinese. Should a customer want to add the customization option of multiple languages our software engineers can debug and match the corresponding content data provided by the customer.

To give an example of the popularity of our learning machines, this year we received a large project from a client in Turkmenistan and our software details are still under negotiation. The customer took great interest in the CT-888 learning machine and wanted to purchase 160,000 copies to sell to children in their region. The customer required ODM, as they wanted the learning machine to be customized heavily from the appearance to the software. Our salesman kept in close contact with the customer to make sure they had a positive experience while we developed the needed mold and now are in an intensive design process for the software. It is worth noting how our learning machines (and soon-to-be-discussed children's sports bracelet) can support OEM&ODM (MOQ is more than 10,000 units) as long as you, the customer, can provide the details of what is needed to customize your content. Then we can help you achieve whatever it is you need!

Now, let's take a look at another educational toy, our children's sports bracelet. Our children's bracelets are CT-W16 and CT-W18. These two kinds of children's bracelets are specifically designed for children aged 3-10 and they not only have a lovely appearance (they easily draw glances), they have a comfortable watchband as well. Not mention how the feature an easy-to-operate touch screen and adjustable buckle that can be loosened as needed while children grow.

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cheertone kids learning smart watch It should first be noted how both of these children's sports bracelets have LED lights. These are extremely handy for when children go camping or are in an otherwise dark environment. By using the LED lights of the bracelets the children can bring light to an area so they don't have to fear tripping or falling. Also, there is an alarm clock function that can be used to set reminders, and it can be connected to a mobile phone APP to set a sleep timer and silent vibration as well. Through this gentle vibration in the wrist, it can help wake-up youth who need to rise in the morning or from a nap--an important aspect of having good time-habits. Also, these children's sports bracelets can be connected to mobile phones via BlueTooth. Such a feature can help with setting-up map exploration, virtual pet feeding, and playing virtual pet-focused interactive games.

Children can relax with the sports bracelet after playing sports and while playing will be cultivating their spatial logic abilities as well as position cognition, empathy, and the ability to take care of others. Finally, one function very important to sports bracelets is that of the pedometer. This allows youth to be able to accurately record their steps through all kinds of walking, running, and exercise every day. It also helps children to set realistic exercise goals and adhere to the good habit of being physically active each day. Plus, children can invite their friends to do multiplayer games and win their own virtual medals and trophies.

Children's educational toys help children to combine their creativity and ideas with the development of logic, thinking, and their hand-eye coordination abilities. These educational toys also help with language development and other aspects such as emotional interaction with friends and parents.

For years we here at Shenzhen Cheertone Technology co., ltd have been committed to the development of children's intellectual toys, and we strive to do the best job possible in our creation of high-quality children's toy products. We are proud to both educate and bring happiness to children.