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Cheertone Obtains National High-Tech Enterprise Certification
Cheertone achieves China High-Tech Enterprise certification, showcasing 18 years of dedication to innovative kids electronic toys, with a wealth of intellectual property rights, positioning as an industry leader.
Cheertone Obtains National High-Tech Enterprise Certification
Recently, we officially passed the certification of National high-tech enterprises. We have been deeply involved in the field of kids electronic toys for more than 18 years. We have persistently innovated new products, applied for utility model patents, constantly improved the personnel management system, standardized the production process, adopted the latest automated production equipment, etc.

So we finally passed the standard review at all levels to achieved this certification. In addition, we have also passed BSCI and ISO9001 factory certification, which further enhances the comprehensive strength of our enterprise.

Not every enterprise can pass the high-tech enterprise certification. Only enterprises that meet the following standards can obtain the national high-tech enterprise certification:
1.When an enterprise applies for recognition, it should be registered and established for more than one year. Cheertone was established in 2004 and currently has more than 18 years of experience as a manufacturer of kids electronic toys.

2.Enterprises obtain ownership of intellectual property rights that play a core role in their main products or services through independent research and development, transfer, donation, mergers, acquisitions, etc. Through independent research and development, Cheertone has obtained more than 50+ patents for product inventions, designs, utility models, etc.

3.Technologies that play a core supporting role in an enterprise's main products or services fall within the scope of the high-tech fields supported by the state.

4.The proportion of scientific and technological personnel engaged in research and development and related technological innovation activities shall not be less than 10% of the total number of employees of the enterprise that year. Cheertone currently has 10 professional and experienced R&D and design personnel. The total number of employees in the company exceeds 50+, and the total number of employees on the website accounts for 20%.

Why should we apply for high-tech enterprise certification?
1.Enterprise reliability certification: 
High-tech enterprise certification is a recognition of an enterprise technical strength and innovation capabilities. It can not only enhance the company's reputation and popularity in the industry, but most large purchasers are also more inclined to cooperate with high-tech enterprises. companies because these companies are more reliable and innovative.

2.Sustainable development of enterprises:
Enterprises that have obtained high-tech enterprise certification can obtain preferential policies in China in terms of intellectual property protection, priority review of patents, financial support for scientific and technological innovation, and talent introduction and training, which enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise and helps Enterprises are overcoming obstacles on the road of innovation and helping more innovative projects to be implemented.

It is our honor to obtain the high-tech enterprise certification, but we will never stop there. We will continue to maintain the spirit of innovation, continue to polish high-quality kids electronic toys with high-precision technology, and obtain more patents related to product inventions!